How’s it going gentleman? For our second blog post, we decided to write about what we simply cannot travel without. So myself ( Carlos), Clint and a friend of mine Sam put together our own separate lists. While there are some differences in them, there are also similarities. Each list has great ideas for things you should consider taking with you on your next trip. We will get started with Sam’s list first!

1) Cellphone with music 2) Headphones 3) Phone charger 4) Magazine 5) Extra pair of shoes 6) Sweater/ hoodie 7) Chap stick ! 8) Glasses

Now we will see Clint’s list !

1) UncutStandards Beard Balm 2) Business cards 3) Mustache comb 4)Nalgene Water bottle 5) Wallet 6) Keys 7) Cellphone 8) Headphones 9) Fitbit 10) Sunglasses

Finally we will get to my list !

1) Uncutstandards Beard Balm 2) Cellphone with Music 3) A pen 4) Cellphone Charger 5) Lip balm 6) Sunglasses 7) Gum               8) Headphones 9) Travel card holder 10) Back pack

As you can see these are all great lists, we have quite a few similarities. So lets talk about those first.

1)We all agree that we cannot travel with out our cellphones for obvious reasons, but the major thing is we need music!

2) we agree that you need a great pair of headphones

3) Glasses are a must, whether they are your reading glasses or sunglasses to cover up those bags under your eyes from staying up too late.

4) You aren’t going to make it too far with out a cellphone charger, by the time you are off the plane or the drive is over, you will probably need to recharge.

5) Fellas, you really don’t want to be walking around with wind burn, sun burn, or chapped lips. Pack that chap stick ! I recommend Jack black’s, it is a little pricey but worth the investment.

6) My bearded and mustached friends! We can’t walk around with a dry, itchy beard. Plus who knows what that hotel water will do to your skin! Carry around your balm to make sure you are moisturizing your beard and stache.

7) Wallet? ‘nough said

The list’s begin to differ a little at this point, so we will touch base on why its a good idea to include these other things in your list.

From Sam’s list: Guys you really don’t want to be on a long plane ride, bored out of your mind do you? That’s why it’s a great idea to carry your favorite magazine or even book with you. When traveling you want to be as comfortable as possible, that is why it’s a great idea to pack a comfy sweater or hoodie. On top of being comfy, you’ll be prepared for almost any kind of weather that’s thrown at you. Keeping comfort in mind, keeping a pair of sliders or extra pair of shoes is a great idea! You can put on your slip on’s before you hit TSA and put your other shoes back on when you get off the plane so you are ready for your adventure!

From Clint’s list: Gentleman you never know when you are going to meet the president right? Keep you business cards on you at all time, you never know who you’ll run into. My bearded and stached friends, sometimes traveling can get the best of our hair. It’s a great idea to keep your brush or comb on you to help tame the mane. Stay thirsty my friends! keep that water on you where ever you can, if you are partying or just plain having a good time, it is easy to forget to hydrate yourself.  Your goals should not stop for anyone, keep your fit bit on you or what ever fitness tracker you use. Key’s? do I really need to explain !

From Carlos’s list: Fellas keep your back pack on you at all times, you never know when you’ll need to throw in an extra pair of clothes, maybe some beers!, a speaker, etc. It’s always great to have an option of carrying stuff around. I always keep a pen on me when I travel, in order to fill out those pesky TSA and immigration forms, also for the luggage tags. A pen can come in handy when you need to jot down someone’s info, or even if an idea comes to your mind. Sure, nowadays your can write-in notes on your phone, but some of us like to feel the pen on the pad to get the juices flowing. Maybe you want to write your number or have a lucky lady write her number on you! Gents! keep some gum on you please! aside from needing it to keep your ears from popping on the plain, there is nothing worse than trying to speak to someone and having to worry about bad breath. Or on the other hand, someone speaking to you and they have bad breath! For some reason, those people always want to tell you secrets!

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Alright fellas that is all for now, see you next week!!