Let’s be honest, DRY shaving doesn’t sound too intriguing does it? Well before I lose your interest, let me explain…

Men, do you ever feel like you simply don’t have time to take an hour shaving each morning before work? It’s not only a time consuming activity, but can often hurt and leave you in regret with tiny pieces of toilet paper stuck to your face.

Well, our Clear Shave Gel caters to exactly these type of men. With our infographic above, you can see there is NO WATER NEEDED! That’s right, none! You still think I’m crazy? Hit it up and see for yourself. This product has been used and approved by quite a few barbers now around here in the bay area, as well as some very satisfied barbers in the New York area as well.

Here’s a few ways to be successful in shaving and end up nick and razor bump free:

  1. Wash that mop! This is only a recommendation but seriously, you would be surprised at how much of a difference this makes in not only the post-shave feeling of your skin, but it helps keep dirt, grime and all the nasty particles floating around in our air out of your pours. This aids in less bumps and a happier skin overall, you’re welcome. (Soon to come, Uncut Standards Beard Wash…)
  2. Now, just as water feels damp and moisturizing, the Aloe Vera Shaving Gel infuses itself into your pores, as you massage the product directly onto your face. No hot towel, no gloves, no hot water, just gel; I promise. We have tested and tested and tested, and this is what works best. Once you’re done shaving, wipe your face clean with a shave towel. (let’s also note, that if you have long facial hair and plan to shave everything off, trim it will clippers on a #1 guard first. The key is the give your razor as little hair as possible to cut through.)
  3. Now that your pours are exposed and opened from the emollient characteristics of the shave gel, hit it up with some of our Organic Aftershave. Place a little puddle in your hand, or on a cloth pad and dab around the freshly shaved areas. This acts as an astringent and seals those pours shut for an all day protection. If this doesn’t make your face feel amazing, then I’ll slap my grandma and call me betsy!
  4. This last step is for people who left a little facial hair after, like the goatee, mustache, or simply just trimmed their neck and left the beard. Throw some of our Mustache and Beard Balm on that hair for a moisturizing feel and fresh scent. We recommend beard balm instead of beard oil, because of the heath benefits of shea butter, cocoa butter, and the hold factor of the beeswax. This helps tame those nasty stray hairs that get you staring at your face all day long at work.
  5. With all that extra time on your hands, you can pick up a new hobby! like this guy:


Is he reading at a baseball game? …..Well you get the point. Shave easy my friends, until next time.

Keep it classy #abovethecollar