Hey there,

It’s come to our attention that some of our products could use a little explanation when applying or using them. We sure had to learn the hard way, so we don’t want our customers to head down that same path!

Here’s a super easy four step process to using our Scented Beard Balm, that will help maximize the benefits of your product and minimize the amount of product you use each time you apply it.

  1. Apply once a day, preferably right after exiting the shower or in the early morning. Scrape a fingernail size dab of beard balm onto the back of your fingernail (this will vary depending on how much facial hair you have). I only have a mustache so mine will be less than someone who has a full beard. Then roll it in between your finger tips or palms in order to melt the wax completely.DSC_0128DSC_0131DSC_0132DSC_0133
  2. Rub deep into the roots of your hair, this pushes the Vitamin E oil into the hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth and prevent dandruff. The other oils and wax will make their way out to the outer parts of your beard naturally throughout the day, the key is to get the deep hairs to soften early in the morning.DSC_0146DSC_0150
  3.  Use a comb to straighten and sculpt the beard into your desired look, trimming off straggling hairs with scissors as you comb. There is a mild hold that comes with our beard balm due to a mixture of beeswax and shea butter so it should hold throughout the day.DSC_0151DSC_0154
  4. Store in a moderately cool and dry place for longevity of your product. Your bathroom cabinet will do just fine. DSC_0127

The key to using raw materials in your grooming products, like we do, is to allow them to enhance your facial qualities without hindering or damaging them in the process. Letting the products improve your hair growth and soften your skin like they’re supposed to do, requires applying and using the products correctly from the beginning. If you want to read up more on our beard balm you can do so here.

We hope this was informational for you and hope you learned something or affirmed your knowledge of grooming by reading this!

Thanks for tuning in, as always keep it classy #abovethecollar.


Clinton Gorman