It’s crazy how much effort we have put into improving our products to make them easier to use, store and travel with. We went through many design changes and beta testing different bottles and containers to come up with the lineup we currently offer.

Beard Balm:

Easily our best seller and known for doing the job of taming and moisturizing the beard and mustache, while also serving as a subtle but nice fragrance throughout the day. Most men don’t like the strong scent of cologne following them throughout the day, so this plays nice with the humble characters out there. Its easy to apply and small enough to take with you in your pocket to work or out in town for the night.


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The newest addition to the lineup, but one of our personal favorites. Its strong hold, matte finish, clay based properties make for a modern look, no shine and long lasting hold throughout the day. To be honest, this one took us a while to figure out the perfect formula, but we’re very confident you won’t be let down by its quality and performance. Unlike other handmade pomades, its easy to rinse out as we specifically avoided petroleum based formulas due to the toxicity of those chemicals.

To apply, use a finger full of product and rub in between hands to break down the beeswax and other ingredients. Then, rub into damp hair from roots to ends until the product disappears in your hair. Style as necessary with a comb or brush and let it dry. No blow dryer is needed, but feel free to get crazy it thats your style.

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Shave Gel:

This is definitely a necessity in our dopp kit, as its super easy to use and its results are insanely beneficial. The product has clear aloe vera in it to soften the skin as you shave, as well as provide the surface with a smooth layer to obtain a close shave. Its hard to get people to change their ways when it comes to shaving, but seriously this stuff is crucial when it comes to getting a close shave in a small amount of time.

It has an easy to use pump top on a 4 ounce bottle. Use a couple pumps on a dry face, applying when needed as you shave across your face. No water necessary for shaving, which doubles as an environmental bonus and a quicker bathroom turnaround when you’re rushing out the door.

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This is an item that has fallen off the shelves over the years, and needs to be revived. Its crucial to close your pours after shaving, and its even more crucial not to use high alcohol content aftershaves when doing so. Thats why we curated a formula with less than 4% alcohol containing all natural witch hazel used as an astringent to do this. This, paired with some organic aloe vera gel, makes for a pleasant post shave experience and often closes those nics and cuts you may get during the shaving process. No burn, razor bump free is a good day in our book.

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Mustache Wax:

This item is the last of our current lineup and is curated for those hair fellows that dig a little style in their look. We use all natural beeswax, paired with some carrier oils to make the wax soft and tacky, but firm for a sculpting hold to your liking. We also throw in a mild scent (earthy tones), to spice up the stache style. The key to waxes like this, is to scrape a little on the back of your fingernail, roll in between your fingers to break down the product and then rub in thoroughly to your stache. Sculpting as you rub it in, once each part of the wax is melted (body temp), feel free to give it a mild comb into place for those stray hairs.

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We hope you enjoyed this talk about our products and what we have to offer and appreciate you for making it this far down the page!

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